About Ankhu

We started our showing dogs together in 2000 with Wirehair Dachshunds. Gary had previously shown a Basenji and a Champion Blue Merle Sheltie. We no longer show Wirehair Dschshunds, choosing instead to concentrate on our Italian Greyhounds and Chinese Cresteds.

We became enthralled with Italian Greyhounds in the summer of 2000 and soon started the search for one. Many IG owners told us, you cannot stop at one, and they were right. Serena has been working in IGCA rescue since 2003 and is still very actively involved both with logisitics and fostering.

When we first began our search for information on reputable breeders, we could find little to no information on the internet. Over a period of years, painstaking searching finally paid off with a large number of useful web pages. We have saved the ones we felt offered the best source of information and other links to good sources of information.

Our goal is to enjoy showing our dogs while still making them members of our family, happy little bed hogs! We will slowly develop our own bloodlines, and may occasionally have puppies available, but that is rare. Breeding is not not our primary purpose.

We are both active in several local Kennel Clubs, both UKC and AKC. We are strong advocates of the UKC, and encourage many novice show folks to start out in the UKC before moving on to the intense competition in the AKC.

Gary & Serena Galloway
Ankhu Italian Greyhounds